Frequency/Sound Therapy

Our Sound Table is one of our main healing treatments to assist in many ailments to include, anxiety, depression, insomnia, weight loss, all major organ disorders, cancer, and more. The table offers an arrangement of sounds (music) that incorporates binaural beats, as well as Cymatic Frequencies.

The powerful transducers embedded in the foam of our Sound Table send healing low frequency vibrations throughout every part of your body.

Made with a top of layer of memory foam, our Sound Table is comfortable and relaxing. The memory foam creates a full body print for optimum comfort and wraps around your body, so you get maximum contact and transmission of the vibrations into the body.

All the speakers are mounted based on Golden Mean ratios found in the Fibonacci sequence. This is the most common mathematical pattern in living organisms, so your body instantly recognizes these Sacred Geometry patterns found in nature and throughout your own body.

The Sound Table is profoundly effective for a wide range of issues beyond just relaxation and conditions stated above. It is being used by First Responders and Veterans from the VA and has changed their lives completely. It has been extremely effective for muscular pain, fibromyalgia, neurological issues, and Parkinson’s as well.

The frequencies and energy in the uniquely arranged music played is not only profoundly healing but will also help you reach a state of complete and total relaxation. People commonly access higher states of consciousness, experience visuals, and recall memories.

Treatment Details:

Preparation: Hydrate well.
Post Treatment:  Continue to hydrate for 24 hours after your treatment. Rest. Allow your body to heal.

No cell phones are allowed in the treatment room.

Treatments include a “short-form” and a “long-form” (musical arrangements), 2 – 4 Cymatic Frequencies, and may include a “Holding Frequency”. Your practitioner will go over what your treatment goals are beforehand, and discuss which arrangements should/could be used. Treatments are 1 – 1.5 hrs long.

Treatments are appropriate for adults and children over 6 years old.