Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF)

PEMF: How it Works

(Recharge your Body, Exercise Every Single Cell)

Our Human Bodies and all living creatures are fundamentally electric in nature. We live in the world, which has a natural magnetic field, and there is the global “Schumann” electromagnetic field resonances (vibrations). Our bodies naturally interact with the earth’s magnetic fields and have historically evolved to be in balance with this natural phenomenon. Magnetic fields affect our body chemistry at a cellular level. PEMF Therapy helps to stimulate and re-balance our bodies at the cellular level. PEMF easily passes through all our body tissues to provide this effect and is a holistic stimulation.

In the modern world there are the GOOD EMF’s which include PEMF, as well as the earth’s natural magnetic fields, however, there are also the BAD EMF’s, which are the various high frequencies EMF’s such as cell phone signals, which also affect the bodies cellular, structure and can, cause cancer.

PEMF Therapy has been proven to be a very effective method to restore and maintain cellular function by re-balancing the cellular membrane functions and improve oxygenation of the cells and nutrient flow and as well as to detoxify the cells. As more cells are re-balanced the natural regeneration process occurs. PEMF Therapy has also been shown to be effective in counteracting the negative affects of the BAD EMF’s.

  • Healthy Cells – Have Trans Membrane Potential (TMP) of about (-70) to (-90) millivolts (Otto Walburg Nobel prize winner)
    • For unhealthy cells TMP starts dropping. (-50) mv get chronic fatigue syndrome. Even lower for cancerous cells. For Inflammatory conditions TMP increases to higher values (-120 mv or higher)
    • PEMF improves ion exchange. Improves cellular nutrients and Oxygen flow. Toxins flow out improving TMP balancing
  • More intra-cellular energy transfer occurs from the Trans membrane ATPase process; Imports metabolites required for cell metabolism and exports toxins and wastes that hinder cellular processes.

PEMF Health Benefits

  • Reduce Chronic Pain and Inflammation
  • Improve and speed of the natural healing process (Bones, nerves, cartilage, soft tissues, etc.)
  • Enhance cellular regeneration
  • Improve cellular detoxification process
  • Improve blood circulation and lymphatic system flow
  • Improve brain function with alpha waves increase
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Health preventative maintenance for the whole body
  • and much more!

This is just a short list of the benefits PEMF therapy has based on a small sample of the numerous studies performed. The list of all the benefits would take up pages and the list is every growing as new studies are finding more positive applications for PEMF therapy. Basically PEMF therapy shows the ability to aid the body in all cellular functions relating to repair, regeneration and correcting cellular operations.

STUDIES: If you are interested in looking at studies using PEMF technology there are currently over 450 studies on PubMed the vast majority supporting the benefits of PEMFs. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed